We give you superior, objective advice and analysis – the kind that only comes from extensive, hands-on experience earned from our participation on both sides of the bargaining table.

Our team of consultants and lawyers is comprised of the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the network services and telecommunications industry.  Our model for delivering services is different.  We believe that when services are delivered by someone who knows what they are doing, they are delivered more efficiently and effectively. Thus we staff our engagements with the minimum number of professionals required to complete the work – usually one or two consultants. We do not deploy an army of inexperienced novices who train on the job and cost our clients valuable time and money.

Our consultants’ experience spans the procurement cycle, from competitive analysis to baseline development, RFP development, bid management, contract price negotiations, implementation management, and annual benchmarking. And we use our market knowledge to your advantage, without disclosing confidential client information.

Crucially, if you are considering a migration to or need someone to advise you about a new network technology or application, we have technical expertise that bridges the gap between technology plans and procurement strategies.  We understand and can explain not only the technical aspects of new or existing technologies, but also how the technology can affect your bottom line.  When your network engineers speak at a meeting, we won’t respond with blank stares.

In particular, we have long-term experience in wireless deals. TC2 has been benchmarking and negotiating wireless deals on behalf of their clients since the earliest days of enterprise wireless contracts. We have been leaders in negotiating rate plans specifically tailored for enterprise customers. And now, we help clients grapple with the key interplay of end-user expectations for devices and applications with the negotiations for wireless carrier services.