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Our continual involvement in large telecom procurement projects means we can provide clients with an accurate view of the evolving market.

When your company receives an offer or proposal, will you know for sure whether the offer is good or bad? Going to the negotiating table armed with detailed, comprehensive market intelligence regarding the pricing and terms that your suppliers should be providing gives you the upper hand in the negotiations and maximizes your results.

That’s particularly true when you know in advance you’re going to receive a proposal – such as the upcoming exercise of a rate review clause you worked hard to negotiate in the first place – and you stand ready to confidently evaluate it as soon as it comes in. The same goes for pre-emptive offers to extend an existing carrier contract; offers from a rival carrier to win business; or anything else in the lifecycle management of telecom contracts.

TC2’s benchmarking expertise empowers clients to maximize the results of all of these opportunities, and to be confident in evaluating all kinds of carrier proposals regardless of their source or motivation. Such projects are only as good as the latest information on specific network services.

Because TC2 can demonstrate market rate movements as they occur – exactly when carriers are attempting to hide them – your rate review or other project will result in immediate savings and continue building leverage for your next full competitive procurement. Having access to the latest market intelligence from TC2 makes all the difference between negotiating an average deal and achieving a market-leading deal.

TC2 is constantly involved in multiple procurements and negotiations with all of the principal U.S., European and Asia-Pacific carriers, giving us unparalleled access to the latest competitively negotiated contracts. For all services – wireline and wireless, domestic and international, managed services and transport only – we compare each offer that the client receives against the actual current market. We do this based on an extensive, proprietary database of what is being paid for the same services and rate elements in market-leading deals. The benchmarks used in your procurement project are obtained from the front line of deal negotiations for large institutions, not from second-hand information gleaned from processing customer invoices, customer surveys carried out by market analysts, or meaningless ranges of rates on carrier websites and service guides. This latest, cutting-edge pricing constitutes real intelligence to accurately benchmark our clients' pricing and terms against what is available at the leading edge of the market.

Learn more about how our benchmark methodology and benchmark databases provide a unique perspective on the telecommunications market.