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Disputes & Workouts

In the world of IT and telecom services, deals occasionally break down.  This can happen for many reasons including the service providers inability to deliver services and support, the failure to realize expected cost or efficiency benefits, gaps in contract compliance or other pain points.  And when a deal breaks down, it causes extraordinary pain for both the customer and service provider, sorely straining the customer-supplier relationship.  Working through these challenges while also handling day-to-day vendor management is time consuming, often with negligible performance improvements, which only exacerbates customer dissatisfaction.

TC2 has extensive experience working with its clients to put failing deals back on the right track and, in the most extreme circumstances, helping its clients to exit failing deals as painlessly, and inexpensively, as possible.  We bring an objective, rational and independent perspective to what is frequently a deteriorating and emotional customer-supplier relationship to help negotiate a productive outcome.  We support the customer in documenting the supplier’s failings, understanding its own contributions to the issues, assessing any projected financial impact, determining its contractual rights, remedies and exposures, and developing a strategy and supporting business case to remedy the issues or exit the contract as preferred.  We then support or lead (as required) the negotiations with the supplier to achieve the desired outcome as painlessly and expeditiously as possible.

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