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We are the acknowledged global leader in performing strategic telecommunications procurements for network services, network equipment, and managed services across the entire range of today’s telecom technologies.

Whether it’s for data or voice services (or a converged IP network), equipment procurements, wireline or wireless, national or global, tremendous economic opportunities are available to enterprises through a formal, fully competitive procurement using a rigorous Request For Proposals.  We have unparalleled experience in running strategic telecom and networking procurements for the following reasons:

  • We deploy a mature, 7-step methodology that offers a continuous, single-minded focus on maximizing the value that clients extract from the competitive procurement process.
  • We lay the groundwork for a successful procurement by developing a robust sourcing strategy at the start.
  • We have developed detailed, comprehensive templates that we use to prepare client RFPs -- in fact, we have developed more than 700 RFP requirements that we can customize to your needs.
  • We know what the suppliers need to develop competitive and accurate pricing proposals, and we know how to collect, process and collate the data from bills and contracts.
  • We construct sophisticated Total Cost of Ownership models that compare supplier bids and evaluate cost savings over the lifetime of proposed contracts.
  • We leverage our benchmark data (for both pricing and terms) to expedite negotiations and quickly conclude market leading agreements.
  • Our evaluation of supplier bids extends beyond pricing to encompass technical solutions, service levels, operational support, billing, and contract terms.

Learn more about how we work on Strategic Sourcing Procurements in this Special Report.