TC2 provides sourcing solutions for the complete range of enterprise telecommunications and network services.

These include all of the following:                   

  • Data transport (including all network transport technologies – MPLS, frame relay, ATM, Ethernet, private line, SONET, and DWDM.
  • In-country, regional and global networks.
  • Voice transport (including inbound toll-free and outbound, conferencing, and voice over IP).
  • Wireless and mobility services, in the U.S. and throughout the world.
  • U.S. local services.
  • The purchase, maintenance, monitoring, and management of network equipment (voice and data, including IP Telephony and wireless access points).
  • Software licensing for network equipment and services
  • Managed and outsourced network and telecommunications services

But it’s not enough to have a foothold in each service area. Crucially, we understand how all of these areas are both similar and dissimilar from one another in terms of contracting structure, service definitions and key rate elements, leading competitor line-ups both domestically and globally, and relative maturity of experience within leading enterprise organizations. Only with this knowledge can a partner guide you to the proper approach for each and every one of these key service areas. TC2 brings you this practical expertise throughout the course of all of your procurement projects.