We work exclusively for the interests of corporate and other enterprise users.

We only consult for the “buy” side of carrier network services contracts. We do not accept projects on behalf of the large carriers. This enables us to bring complete objectivity and unbiased focus to the task of getting you the best possible telecommunications deal.

While we only represent end-users, we do have an unsurpassed level of experience from participating on both sides of the negotiating table. Our staff represents a wealth of experience as industry consultants, large users, and carrier negotiators. In fact, some of our consultants previously served as pricing experts and negotiators for major carriers themselves, responsible for developing and negotiating agreements with their largest customers.

Because we understand what drives the "other side," we can help you identify where you have leverage, even if you thought you had none. We know the carriers' sales and negotiations tactics intimately; in particular, we understand the carriers' strategies for camouflaging their most aggressive offers.