Transitioning to New Technology

TC2 understands that moves to new technologies are driven both by the prospect for cost savings as well as the threat of obsolescence of the old product. We also understand that simply handing a network design in the old technology to carriers and asking them to bid using the new technology never works. We have repeatedly guided major enterprises through these key transitions and can do so for you as well, in these and other key transitions:

Frame Relay to MPLS

TC2 has been the key partner in the move of many of the world’s leading corporations from domestic and international frame relay networks to IP/MPLS. In fact, we designed the modules for MPLS financial proposals that are acknowledged to be the industry leader in obtaining truly competitive and effectively comparable proposals from all of the leading MPLS providers across their numerous and shifting key MPLS products. We continue to assist enterprises in this key generational shift – the one that truly brings corporate networks into the IP world.

“Plain Old Telephone Service” to Enterprise-Grade Voice over IP

TC2 is now a leader in procuring network services for truly comprehensive, enterprise-grade voice-over-data networks. We have gained deep experience in evaluating proposals for services such as SIP Trunking, and we understand the similarities and differences among offerings from AT&T, Verizon, other leading carriers, and new market entrants. Knowing where the key cost savings are – and it’s much more than toll avoidance – and what terms and conditions must be met, are crucial for an effective move to IP voice. We can lend this hard-won experience to you right now as you consider your timeline for this critical transition.

Cell Phone Deals to Smartphones and 3G/4G

TC2 has long been expert at achieving corporate wireless deals that go well beyond the idea of an additional corporate “discount” for individual plans. We’ve developed and applied best practices in the key concepts of pooling of minutes, equipment subsidies, termination fee waivers, seasonality issues, and integration of corporate and individual-liable plans and discounts structures. Now, corporate telecom managers are challenged by internal end-user demands for specific smartphone devices, as well as dramatically rising data usage. We can help you meet the challenge of procuring plans and devices to suit today’s burgeoning wireless requirements domestically and internationally.

Transport Services to Equipment and Managed Services Deals

The complex process of benchmarking rental, maintenance and management of voice and data equipment is something we’ve fully developed in order to gain you the best advantage and avoid the chronic loss of control in pricing out combined transport and equipment deals.