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Carriers vs. aggregators: How to select the optimal mix of network transport providers

Enabled by SD-WAN, internet-first networking strategies are now the order of the day for wide-area connectivity and have been for some time. While MPLS used to be the de facto choice for enterprise-grade network transport, companies today are using internet-based transport technologies such as dedicated internet access, business broadband, cellular broadband as well as other niche network technologies like microwave.

Best practices call for companies to work with multiple suppliers to get competitive prices, maximize service coverage, and secure better service delivery performance. But which suppliers should an enterprise select? How do you figure out the best fit for an enterprise’s needs, and what are some of the challenges and gotchas of a multi-supplier portfolio approach?

TC2’s Mark Sheard has recently published a Network World article discussing how the landscape of suppliers providing network transport services can be bewildering – but working with multiple WAN suppliers can yield more competitive prices, maximize service coverage, and ensure better performance. Enterprises can achieve high levels of network performance and return on expenditure by utilizing a portfolio of Internet-based network service providers. 

Read it here.

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