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Maximizing Competition in Transformational Procurements

Increasingly, enterprise strategic sourcing projects are focusing on transformation to deliver lower costs and improved services. Such projects can achieve savings and service improvements that dwarf what’s available from the low-hanging fruit of rate re-negotiation and sourcing like-for-like services.

Transformational procurements include a wide range of initiatives and technologies. They might include one or several of the following: 1) Feature-rich MPLS reached via Ethernet access; 2) Alternative network access technologies; 3) SIP trunking to replace legacy TDM voice; 4) Unified Communications and Collaboration; 5) Transformed data centers, and 6) A mix of public and private cloud services, provisioned and managed in many cases by an array of best-in-class providers using next-gen managed services and outsourcing.

That’s quite a set of opportunities, and they all offer the key dynamic that drives the return on transformational sourcing programs – enhanced and intense competition among service providers.


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