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Cloud Services

Cloud services have become an inherent and crucial component of enterprises’ IT ecosystems and are present in many forms.  From routine use of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to a vast array of different products and services offered on a Software-as-a-Service basis, cloud services are ever more pervasive in IT.

TC2 supports its clients across a wide range of cloud services, developing strategies and business cases, assessing technical solutions and capabilities, running the procurement process and leading deal negotiations.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Cloud UC&C solutions (such as Cisco WebEx and Spark and Microsoft Skype for Business)
  • Cloud Contact Center services
  • Cloud delivered SD-WAN functions and other network-as-a-service type of products
  • Cloud security services

These cloud services all present their own unique complexities and challenges, whether it’s understanding the capability of a standard cloud utility service to meet your specific technical requirements, the commercial construct of the purported “as-a-service” model, or how to compare the cloud pricing model to your existing base case costs.  TC2 helps its clients navigate that complexity to secure the cloud services and service providers that best fit their specific needs, at market leading pricing and terms.

The growth in enterprise use of cloud services is also driving significant change in communications network strategies.  As applications and workloads move from the data center to the cloud, the topology of the network changes and, in particular, Internet access and performance becomes more critical.  TC2 is helping its clients develop and implement network strategies that reflect these evolving needs, including taking advantage of solutions such as Carrier Neutral Facilities and leveraging SD-WAN technologies to deliver improved network performance for users when accessing cloud applications and services.