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The vast majority of telecom services now generate electronic billing data through the carriers’ new platforms and tools. That provides increased granularity and detail. But has it reduced billing errors?

Quite the contrary! Back office and account team downsizing and the proliferation of new and complex products have driven both an increase in billing errors and a misallocation of service choices. That leaves you with two critical tasks. One is finding and correcting errors – often no simple task. The other, which is just as important but often overlooked, is an increase in optimization opportunities that will leave money on the table if you don’t take advantage of them.

Now more than ever, it is critical to conduct regular contract compliance and optimization reviews. This function ensures that telecom suppliers are billing you at the rates you negotiated (and for services that you actually use), and that those services are deployed and utilized in the most efficient and cost-effective  manner. Maximizing the detection and recovery of incorrect billings, and identifying ways to optimize client use of their telecom services, is a core TC2 competency. We deploy best-in-class experts in telecom billing and services and a rigorous approach that leverages the “Big Four” international accounting firm experience of our practice leads.

We offer Baseline Development, Contract Compliance Analysis,and Optimization Analysis. For a complete description of the methodology and benefits of each of these disciplines, please see our full report on Contract Compliance and Optimization Services.

Wireless Optimization Analysis

Where wireless services are included in the scope of a project, our Optimization Analysis includes a detailed Wireless Rate Plan Optimization.

Proven Results

The results of TC2’s Contract Compliance and Optimization Services speak for themselves.  The list below recounts amounts identified and recovered in some recent projects:

  • Fortune 100 Global Chemical company – over $2,000,000 (billing errors) 
  • Fortune 100 US Retail Chain - over $800,000 (billing errors)
  • Fortune 100 Global Manufacturing company – $3,800,000 (billing errors)  
  • Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical company – $1,700,000 (billing errors and service optimizations)
  • Fortune 100 Aerospace & Defence company – $600,000 (billing errors) 
  • Fortune 500 US Transport company – over $1,200,000 (wireless and wireline billing errors)  
  • Fortune 100 Global Technology Company – $1,500,000 (billing errors)
  • Fortune 500 Global Payments and Transaction Company – over $2,500,000 (billing errors and service optimizations)
  • Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company – $200,000 (billing errors and service optimization).