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Manged Services & Outsourcing

The days of the blockbuster deal to outsource the IT department and the company’s infrastructure assets are long gone.  IT outsourcing deals are now much more targeted.  Most enterprises prefer transactions that cover discrete service towers and functions on an increasingly granular basis, not least in modern infrastructure deals where enterprises increasingly acquire a complex mix of managed services sourced from multiple providers. 

Navigating this complexity to source and deliver successful outsourcing and managed services deals can be challenging.  Precisely defining and documenting the scope of services that are required, and the demarcation points between the potential suppliers, internal groups and other service towers, requires coordinating input and requirements definition across multiple, diverse internal groups and stakeholders, and driving to a consensus internal position.  Presenting those requirements to the market, assessing and negotiating proposals and ultimately selecting the optimal supplier(s) requires a best in class sourcing process that scrutinizes all key facets of suppliers’ propositions, spanning compliance with the required scope and services, pricing, service levels and the terms upon which the services are offered.  And to gain executive support to move forward with the deal requires distilling a complex, multi-faceted evaluation and strategy into the key risks and benefits of the recommendation.

TC2 has many years’ experience helping clients to successfully source market leading managed services and outsourcing deals that deliver the transformation, innovation and continuous improvement that enterprise customers desire.  We bring the skills to deliver robust sourcing processes, requirements definition, bid analyses, business case development, executive updates and supplier negotiations, plus the expertise to develop comprehensive contract statements of work, service level agreements and pricing schedules that will provide the foundation for many years of successful managed and outsourced services.

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