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Mobility Services - In-country, regional, global

The cost of corporate wireless services continues to rise for most companies.  Unit prices are declining, but enterprise use of mobile/wireless services and devices has surged, fueled by a growing wireless user base, the proliferation of data services, increasing usage and exponential growth in the variety and complexity of new service offerings.  And you can now add the advent of 5G services and the growing proliferation of the Internet of Things (IOT).

The bottom line is that a growing proportion of enterprise telecom spend is devoted to wireless services at a time when there is fierce pressure to reduce the telecom budget.  At the same time, wireless providers are consolidating, diminishing competition and encouraging parallel pricing.  Given the opacity and complexity of wireless plans and pricing, there is significant waste – and a corresponding potential for substantial savings – in enterprise wireless services.  TC2 is a market leader in helping large corporate customers minimize this waste, by negotiating market leading pricing and contractual terms and helping clients optimize their use of mobile services.

Our expertise in wireless telecommunications dates back to the founding of the enterprise mobile services industry.  Today, we have unparalleled experience in benchmarking wireless deals, running competitive procurement projects and negotiating pricing and contracts.  And our experience is global – the mobile services market varies enormously between different global regions and different countries and we are intimately familiar with, and support our clients to successfully navigate, the different pricing and contract practices prevalent in the different markets in North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America.  We work on numerous competitive procurements and negotiations for wireless services every year and are uniquely positioned to help clients derive maximum value from their wireless suppliers and services.