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MPLS and Legacy Data Networks

For the last 15 years MPLS has been a cornerstone data networking technology providing reliable, any-to-any connectivity globally for enterprise customers.  A flexible and scalable network solution, MPLS enables traffic prioritization with CoS/QoS, has notable security attributes and can be delivered with robust SLAs.  Further, MPLS provides robust performance that enables the hosting of core enterprise applications in the cloud.

MPLS will continue to play an important role in enterprise networking as customers transform their environments to next generation hybrid WAN architectures which incorporate broadband, dedicated internet and wireless transport modalities.  And these new and competing technologies, often provided by different, disruptive vendors, are applying huge downward pricing pressure on carriers’ core MPLS services.  Accordingly, enterprises must continue to aggressively manage and compete their MPLS costs and services, in parallel with their more transformational network initiatives.  

At TC2 we are constantly advising customers on the technical design, strategic sourcing and commercial marketplace evolution of MPLS services to support their business objectives and operational requirements.  Our constant involvement in the negotiation of MPLS and other legacy data networking services with global and regional suppliers on behalf of our large, sophisticated, enterprise customers, provides TC2 with unparalleled visibility into the marketplace for these services.