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Ready to go to market for TEM (telecom/technology expense management) services or wish to renegotiate with your incumbent TEM provider and seek improvements in services, SLAs and pricing?  Maybe you just want to benchmark your TEM pricing.  We are here to help.

Telecommunications and technology services have complex contracts and are coupled with even more complex invoices that can be hundreds of pages long. The details are overwhelming.  TEM service providers fill the gap in invoice receipt, processing, audit and dispute management and their platforms provide a centralized inventory and reporting platform.  

TC2 has specialized expertise in all aspects of the TEM lifecycle—from initial RFPs, to incumbent extension negotiations, as well as supporting companies by auditing behind the TEM providers to identify and close deficiencies in your TEM service delivery.   We also have expertise in helping companies implement TEM services once a contract is executed and can provide best practices recommendations on how to manage your TEM supplier once services are up and running. 

If you are in the early stages of evaluating if TEM services are right for your company, we can assist in education on TEM service offerings and strategy and business case development for such services.

We monitor, and are constantly engaged, in the competitive marketplace for global TEM service providers.  We know their strengths and weaknesses and can provide input on the right players to include in your negotiations based your geographic footprint and service needs.  Need help in assessing your TEM relationship's health?  TC2 offers a TEM Healthcheck Service.

TC2 has a well-honed RFP process as well as detailed and structured, best practices RFP content for TEM services that has evolved through our many engagements.   Our RFP process begins with the development of a very robust problem statement where all the issues that you want the TEM providers to solve are clearly outlined and then supplemented with detailed requirements that match your environment and TEM scope.

Our depth of experience:

  • Fortune 50 Company Global TEM RFP and Implementation
  • Multiple Fortune 50 to 500 Company audits behind their TEM providers
  • Fortune 150 Company Global TEM RFP
  • Large privately held company Global TEM RFP
  • Fortune 500 Company directed negotiations with their incumbent TEM for renewal including SLA improvements and SOW adjustments to close gaps found in audit
  • Fortune 50 Company global process review to improve their management of the TEM provider and utilization of inventory and reporting tools
  • Fortune 500 Company Global TEM RFP
  • Fortune 200 Company Global TEM RFP and Implementation Assistance
  • Fortune 100 Company incumbent TEM renegotiations