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AT&T Tries to Slow T-Mobile’s Ascendancy in Race to Win 5G

Worldwide, the race is on to build out 5G networks.  In the U.S., T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are laying out their plans, and their money, to own a piece of this next-generation wireless market.  At the beginning of this month, however, AT&T filed a Petition at the Federal Communications Commission asking for the adoption of so-called “spectrum screens.”  Is this AT&T being a good corporate citizen supporting sensible regulation to preserve competition, or is AT&T cynically exploiting the regulatory process to slow down T-Mobile and protect its own position?

To find out, listen to this 10-minute podcast in which LB3 Partners Kevin DiLallo and Andrew Brown talk with TC2’s Joe Schmidt and provide an explanation of spectrum screens, why they could be a good thing for competition in 5G, and what it all means for enterprises.

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