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5G Deployment and Radio Altimeters: A Clash of Industries and Regulators – Important Update

On November 29, 2021, we recorded a podcast about a dispute between the FCC and the FAA, the respective regulators for the communications industry, and the aviation industry.  The dispute revolves around the wireless carriers’ use of C-Band spectrum to deliver 5G and the aviation industry’s use of nearby spectrum to control aircraft. 

In this 7-minute podcast Steve Rosen, a Partner at LB3, David Lee, TC2’s Technical Director, and Joe Schmidt provide an important update on this developing situation.  A key takeaway is if nothing changes and AT&T and Verizon Wireless keep to their January 19 schedule to turn up 5G service, expect disruptions to air freight and passenger air service – which is not what the economy needs right now.

For a bit of background history on this evolving event, you can listen to Steve, David and Joe’s prior podcast “5G Deployment and Radio Altimeters – a Clash of Industries and Regulators.”

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