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Announcing TC2’s IT Cost Management Practice

TC2 is pleased to announce the launch of our IT Cost Management (ITCM) practice that consolidates key service lines focused on rapidly delivering and sustaining IT cost savings for our clients.

In this 9-minute podcast, ITCM practice lead Theresa Knutson joins Tony Mangino to discuss core competencies and specific focus areas of the practice including Technology Expense Management, Cost Optimization and Billing Audits, and Lifecycle Services.

If you would like to learn more about the ITCM practice, please visit our IT Cost Management webpage.

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TC2 Launches IT Cost Management Practice to Deliver Rapid Cost Savings

In the latest episode of “Staying Connected,” Tony Mangino from TC2 announces the formal launch of TC2’s IT Cost Management Practice, a consolidation of key areas focused on delivering and sustaining IT cost savings for clients. Joined by Theresa Knutson, who heads the practice, they discussed the core competencies and specific focus areas of the practice that drive savings.

Contract Compliance and Optimization (CCO) CCO is a comprehensive audit of IT spend, delving into billing data to identify errors and optimization opportunities. The practice’s team, with “Big 4” accounting firm experience, performs forensic analysis to uncover duplicate invoicing, unexecuted disconnects, stranded elements, and irregular application of regulatory charges, ensuring clients only pay for services they use.

Financial Process Reviews are ideal for organizations facing operational issues such as service interruptions, incorrect purchase order applications, late payment fees, and inaccuracies in inventory and financial reporting. The practice has developed a robust methodology to review internal processes, identify gaps, and provide best practice recommendations for short and long-term improvements in financial processes.

As telecom technology is constantly evolving, TC2 offers lifecycle support services for ad hoc requests and routine tasks. Clients can engage the IT Cost Management practice for expertise on individual orders, vendor offers, negotiation support, and technology advice. This service aims to extend the benefits of larger TC2 projects into day-to-day activities.

The practice covers all aspects of Telecom Expense Management (TEM), from going to market for services to renegotiating contracts and benchmarking pricing. With specialized expertise in managing TEM relationships, the practice assists clients in implementing TEM services, ensuring they receive the full benefits and savings potential.