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The Search for Innovation in Outsourcing Services

At the core of most, if not all, outsourcing initiatives is the desire for innovation that will deliver radical change and improvement in the delivery of IT services and support.  The reality is that this outcome becomes aspirational when confronted with the need to simply “keep the lights on”.

In this 8-minute podcast, TC2 Managing Director Ben Fox joins Tony Mangino to explore this outsourcing conundrum and how both the customer and the supplier can approach these opportunities to drive successful innovation and truly transformational change in the end user experience.

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The Quest for Innovation in IT Outsourcing

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT services, the pursuit of innovation within outsourcing agreements stands as a formidable challenge. Tony Mangino and Ben Fox, from TC2, delve into the intricacies of this quest in their podcast episode “The Search for Innovation in Outsourcing Services.” They shed light on the common pitfalls where the allure of transformation and automation often fails to materialize in practice, underscoring the reality that genuine innovation necessitates a collaborative effort between the client and the service provider.

The podcast unravels the layers of complexity that surround the promises of radical change and enhancements in IT service delivery. Ben and Tony discuss how these promises are frequently met with enthusiasm during the sales pitch but tend to fall short when it comes to execution. The episode highlights the disconnect between the aspirational goals set forth in proposals and the practical challenges that arise during implementation and ongoing network management.

Ben emphasizes that innovation cannot be outsourced in isolation. It requires the customer take intellectual ownership and work in tandem with the supplier to bring about successful innovation. The podcast concludes with insights on how customers can drive innovation by defining what it is and how it will be delivered, leveraging supplier partnerships for specific tasks while maintaining the intellectual ownership of the innovation process.

True innovation in IT Outsourcing is a joint venture, one that thrives on the synergy of shared goals and concerted efforts.