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The Time has Come for Broadband

At TC2 we continue to observe a strategic shift in enterprise networking toward broadband, and the rate of adoption is accelerating.

In this 7-minute podcast, Keith Cook and Brent Knight join Tony Mangino to discuss why customers are more willing than ever to leverage broadband service in their networks and key considerations for developing your broadband strategy.

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The Time has Come for Broadband

In the latest episode of “Staying Connected,” Tony Mangino from TC2 is joined by Keith Cook and Brent Knight to discuss the rapid adoption of broadband internet service by enterprise customers.

The adoption of broadband service, in a strategic way, is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, driven by a confluence of factors. Cost pressures are pushing enterprises to seek more efficient and economical solutions to satisfy the ever-increasing need for bandwidth. The widespread availability of broadband services has made it an increasingly viable option and features in most SD-WAN enabled network solutions. Service levels and reliability have seen significant improvements, reassuring businesses of the stability they require. Moreover, advances in wireless and non-terrestrial networks are opening new avenues for connectivity that were previously unavailable.

However, with these advancements comes a set of challenges that enterprises must navigate. Supplier selection can be daunting. Special construction charges and contract terms add layers of complexity to the decision-making process. Enterprises must strive to find the optimal outcome that balances solution type, costs, and supplier mix to meet their unique needs.