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Transformational Thinkers

TC2 helps clients transform technologies and operational support via technology and sourcing strategies grounded in what is affordable, operationally feasible, and can be delivered by the market

TC2 has supported countless enterprise clients through the process of identifying, evaluating and selecting transformational technologies, and then negotiating the deals to deliver that transformation.  We leverage this unparalleled expertise to make sure your transformation project is successful.

Our sourcing approach successfully strikes the balance between fostering supplier innovation, while enabling precise, data driven evaluations of competing supplier proposals to be performed on an “apples to apples” basis.

We recognize that every successful transformation project is underpinned by a robust business case that accounts for all the related financial and commercial considerations and consequences.  Our consultants bring the expertise and analytical acumen to create the business case, make sure it’s an accurate, comprehensive and holistic representation of all applicable costs and benefits, and present and explain it to senior management.