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Cutting Edge Benchmarks

Your incumbent just offered you a 10% price reduction, but how do you know if you’re leaving money on the table?

Because of our continual involvement in large enterprise sourcing projects and negotiations, TC2 can provide an accurate and up-to-date view of the competitive marketplace.  This deal flow is key to maintaining accurate, forward-looking information about current market rates and services offerings.  We know the real-time market rates, deal terms and best practice technology solutions.

Our benchmarks are based on market leading contracts and RFP offers that we have negotiated on behalf of, or in conjunction with, our clients.  We do not rely on second-hand information gleaned from customer invoices or contracts that we had no role in negotiating, customer surveys carried out by market analysts, or other anecdotal and outdated market data.  Instead, our benchmarks are obtained from the front-line of deal negotiations for large global companies, represent negotiated pricing solicited in highly competitive conditions and provide you with the very latest, cutting edge pricing and deal intelligence.