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Back to the Future with Regional Network Strategies

Jul 23, 2015 - Articles by

Before the days of the any-to-any network connectivity that MPLS services provide, large global networks were based on point-to-point technologies such as private lines, frame relay or ATM and were typically very regionalized with multiple network tiers. Sites in a particular country may have been connected to an in-country hub, […]

LB3 and TC2’s 2014 Year In Review

May 22, 2015 - Articles by

Download.pdf We are pleased to provide you with our 2014 Year in Review. This selection of interesting and thoughtful articles written by LB3 lawyers and TC2 consultants in 2014 addresses developments in 2014 that will continue to affect enterprise users in 2015 (we’ve included some thoughts on that). We hope you […]

Maximizing Competition in Transformational Procurements

Apr 28, 2015 - Articles by

Increasingly, enterprise strategic sourcing projects are focusing on transformation to deliver lower costs and improved services. Such projects can achieve savings and service improvements that dwarf what’s available from the low-hanging fruit of rate re-negotiation and sourcing like-for-like services. Transformational procurements include a wide range of initiatives and technologies. They […]

Cisco: Dealing with the vendor behind the VARs

Mar 26, 2015 - Articles by

If you’ve ever tallied your company’s spend on Cisco products and compared it against what you spend with other telecom and IT suppliers, in most cases, it’s as large or even larger. Yet this fact often sits below the radar in most shops because the vast majority of companies do […]

AT&T Expands Withdrawal of Service Matrix

Jan 8, 2015 - Articles by

AT&T to Withdraw Broadly Used Non-Ethernet Access, Non-Ethernet Private Line and Non-IP Toll-Free Service In early December, we let you know about AT&T’s Withdrawal of Service Matrix. We expressed surprise that only POTS/TDM telephony voice services were included in AT&T’s December 3rd chart, and opined that “AT&T’s VTNS service . […]

AT&T Issues Withdrawal of Service Matrix

Dec 16, 2014 - Articles by

AT&T Gives a Hint on When it Plans to Discontinue Key Voice Services Many Enterprise customers understand the dangers of the carriers’ online terms and changes to them, but few have time to keep up with it all. A recent move by AT&T demonstrates the importance of keeping abreast of […]