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LTE on the iPad: A boon for the market leaders, and a challenge for you

  • TC2 Blog
  • 3/24/2012
  • David Rohde

We’re barely a week into the release of Apple’s new LTE-enabled iPad, and two trends predicted by TC2’s Ben Fox are already playing out.

The Apple market juggernaut is accruing to the further benefit of the prospective U.S. telecom duopoly at the expense of everyone else. Apple seems to be able to sell as many of anything new that it wants. And because the tablet form factor offers a more blatant incentive than smartphones for users to move up to 4G, as Ben noted in early February, the new iPad lengthens the advantage that Verizon (in particular) and AT&T (now pushing hard on LTE) have over those just getting started on LTE.