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Networking’s top dog makes its pitch for distributed SIP Trunking

  • TC2 Blog
  • 4/5/2012
  • David Rohde

In the broad community of IT and networking vendors, there’s a consensus that the winners in SIP Trunking so far are the makers of Session Border Controllers, or SBCs. For everyone else in the game of selling stuff to corporate users, SIP trunking has been a hard trail, no matter how hot a technology it’s supposed to be.

Verizon and AT&T are laboring to swap out reliable recurring revenue from PRIs and other traditional TDM infrastructure for SIP trunking services on their own schedule, without too much cannibalization or loss to second-tier carriers. IP PBX vendors have worked through the same transition from TDM to IP voice, but often with no increase in profits (and one casualty in Nortel’s bankruptcy), and are now tasked with upgrading customers to SIP-optimized UC and collaboration platforms like Avaya Aura. IT giants like IBM and HP are happy to cheer on the SIP transition, but are too big and diversified for the new telecom technology to have made a difference one way or another.