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In-region or out-of-region: What difference does it make where an access circuit is located?

  • TC2 Blog
  • 4/18/2012
  • David Rohde

It’s intuitively obvious that if AT&T or Verizon is going to sell you a dedicated access line to a national voice or data service, the price of the access circuit depends on whether AT&T or Verizon is also the local exchange carrier at that location. Right?

Except it’s not at all obvious. These core enterprise voice and data services have been sold by the classic AT&T national long distance business and the legacy MCI business within Verizon since long before they were part of any of the RBOCs. From those days up until now, these services have been sold in a national competitive market that AT&T and Verizon can’t excuse away in their bid responses by claiming that they only “control” part of the country.