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Can broadband wireless kill off the T-1? A lot has to happen

  • TC2 Blog
  • 5/25/2012
  • David Rohde

The dream of substituting high-speed wireless for traditional, fixed-line dedicated access to enterprise wide area networks has surfaced at least twice in the recent past.

A 2000-era CLEC called Winstream (not to be confused with today’s Windstream, an acquisitive combination of ILECs and CLECs) promoted fixed wireless bypass before running into line-of-sight problems and then running out of money. Then, a couple of years ago, Sprint started promoting what it called 4G Wireless WAN over WiMax, forgetting that enterprises can’t buy products with spotty coverage and no real SLAs, all before basically dropping WiMax to start over with LTE.

Is the third time the charm? Well, we’re not quite there yet with a way to say good-bye to the tyranny of wireline T-1s and T-3s from the largely single-source big ILECs. But a couple of recent announcements from Verizon, as chronicled by our friends at Network World, hint at what’s to come out of the now-dominant LTE protocol for wireless broadband.