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Oversized Data Plans May be in Vogue, but You Should Go for a Better Fit

Most customers don’t really know how much data their users need or use.  If tailoring the size of your wireless data plans more closely to the actual needs of your users can save you 30-40%, what are you waiting for?

As Oscar Wilde once said, “Nothing succeeds like excess.”  Enterprise customers spooked by the prospect of large overage charges on wireless data plans flock to the largest plans the carriers offer. Half the time these plans are for PC aircards that sit forgotten in a drawer 75% of the time.  Most customers don’t know how much data their users really use, and when they find out they’re shocked to learn that it’s a lot less than they expected.  

Actual usage depends on many variables, including the device, the apps, the way a device is used, and the RF interface (HSPA+ or LTE, for example).  All of that said, in most cases a couple of Gig are all the average enterprise user needs.  (Most employees shouldn’t be streaming You Tube videos or listening to Pandora on the job)  So buying a 5 Gig (much less an unlimited) plan is mostly a waste -- a waste the carriers love, because for every user who actually consumes 5 Gig per month, there are 10 who use 2 Gig or less.  

The trend toward pooled data plans has all but erased any real prospect that users will exceed their monthly data allotments.  Which means that tailoring the size of your data plans more closely to the actual needs of your users can save you 30-40% on wireless data.  

If you are not comfortable analyzing usage data to find the right size plans, we can do it for you.  You’ll feel better knowing you’re not throwing away money on capacity you don’t need, and your budget will look much more svelte.